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The attorney Roni Rahmian’s office, located in Migdal Sapir in the stock exchange complex in Ramat Gan, provides services and represents clients of Israeli residents and foreign residents. The office was established by attorney Roni Rahmian about 8 years ago after over 22 years of working in the banking system in Israel and the United States. B in a variety of managerial positions. As part of his work, Attorney Rahmian gained knowledge, expertise, many personal and business connections, as well as extensive experience in the banking, financing and real estate fields.
In his work over the years, Attorney Rahmian also acquired rich experience in consulting and ongoing support for individuals, businesses and companies during their business activities, in drafting commercial contracts and real estate contracts and handling various credits and financing with the banking and non-banking system in Israel.

The firm’s staff has the experience, the personal connections and the unique ability to plan and build for each client a solid legal and financial strategy that foresees steps forward.
and adapting the best tactic according to the client’s goals.

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Adv. Roni Rahmian

Mobile: 052-5360210


Address: Toval 40, (Spirit Tower, 20th floor), Ramat Gan stock exchange complex.

Activity time
Sunday – Thursday
18:00 – 09:00

Roni Rachmian Esq.

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